How does ViaBill empower its customers to self serve?

When you work with thousands of merchants and customers around the world, you need to be able to answer questions quickly and accurately.

ViaBill is a payment solution that empowers shoppers to “buy now and pay later” in simple, interest-free installments.

They believe in transparent and understandable pricing with no surprises. In this way, they want to change how people shop online.

In this case study you’ll learn how ViaBill met their customer challenges in Denmark head on with the help of innovative AI technology: raffle Web. You’ll also learn how they saw immediate improvements in their customer experience.


ViaBill wanted to give their customer support team the time to respond to more complex and urgent customer queries.


ViaBill put raffle Web on their website to help their customers self-serve for simple to medium-complex questions.


49% of customers self-served using raffle Web, allowing ViaBill to deliver a better quality of service.

Customer Love: ViaBill’s number one priority

Providing excellent customer support to both shoppers and merchants in the most efficient way possible is crucial to ViaBill’s business model and their ongoing success.

In fact, one of ViaBill's core values is "Customer Love." Customer commitment and loyalty are at the foundation of everything ViaBill does as a company.

To do this, they have customer support teams organized into tiers, covering cases depending on their complexity and their urgency.

Giving their customer support team the time to respond to the more complex and urgent customer queries was a challenge they wanted to meet, and so they started looking into technological solutions to help solve this.


raffle Web to the rescue!

‍In October 2020, ViaBill Denmark chose our AI as a Service customer care product: raffle Web.

Using natural language processing, raffle Web understands real human questions (not keyword-based queries) and delivers answers from ViaBill’s knowledge bases instantly.

Within less than a month, they were already reporting a significant enhancement in their customer experience from this first line support assistant.


raffle Web on

“Immediate answers”of seamless implementation

Romina Fonseca Allegretti, Customer Experience Manager at ViaBill, spoke to about some of these improvements:

“Shoppers and merchants get access to dedicated knowledge that provides them with immediate answers, on any device.”

“[raffle Web] also escalates cases to agents only when needed, that way we reduce the average waiting time for these customers to get taken care of.”

“It was very important for us that we give our customers a seamless experience on the web and on our native app. So we reviewed different vendors of AI customer support tools.”

“Many of them didn’t meet our expectations because of the work required to implement them, or they simply wouldn’t get the results we wanted.”

‍“Since launching raffle raffle Web on the Danish market in late October, we’ve had 1,926 self served customers. That’s 49% of the total questions that have come in through our website during that time.”

‍Given that our AI is constantly relearning and retrained, these numbers are mightily impressive when you consider that it has been live on the ViaBill website for less than a month.

Romina also reports: “We have been able to reduce the average waiting time for all the other requests that require the assistance of a specialized agent. They have more time to dedicate to these more complex cases, because all the other questions got answered by raffle.”


Data-driven support strategy

For Romina Fonseca Allegretti, saved time and customer satisfaction aren’t the only noticeable benefits of raffle Web. There’s also the data insights they get from the service.

“We are able to get clear and easy to read numbers on what people look for, how they rate the information they find, and what [information] we need to provide them with,” she notes.

The raffle analytics tool has helped them see which areas of their knowledge base are helping their customers, and other areas where perhaps they need to improve their customer-facing information.

“It also allows us to see what are the preference channels for merchants and shoppers and develop a data-driven support strategy and set up our staffing around that.”


‍Professional, trustworthy, and transparent 

As an added bonus, Romina also noted that since they switched to using raffle Web, their customers trust them more to respond to provide answers to their questions over email:

“That speaks highly of the trust in the company and the sense of ‘hey, we’ve got your back!’ that the whole setup gives them.”

With a 49% self-serve rate, ViaBill is making its knowledge bases work for the customer, using raffle Web.

Romina says using these knowledge bases in this way is key: “not only to provide your customers with a successful experience, but also to present the company in a professional and transparent manner.”

“This is a space where a company can empower customers by not only allowing them to get the information they want — when they want it — but also helping them make the most out of the service.”

Hear Romina tell you for herself how has helped ViaBill


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