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raffle empowers your customers and employees to find the answers they need.


cut on requests to support team


cut on repetitive tasks


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AI tools seamlessly improving your customer service

Create great experiences for your customers and customer service employees

“raffle solved it for us. Can’t believe how much time we wasted on trying to get a chatbot solution to work”

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1st line 24/7 support

Make sure your website visitors find what they are looking for. AutoPilot provides an easy and direct way to find answers on your website.

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CoPilot integrates with all well known systems

AI augmented human support

AI speed, human personalization

All the benefits of AI, without automating your valuable customer interactions. Keep your core customer service human-to-human.

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Jesper Mieritz - Knowledge Manager

“With CoPilot we have an AI engine that continuously learns from chats and from what our employees are doing, so we can use the existing knowledge in a more scalable way."

Jesper Mieritz from Visma

Knowledge Manager

Actionable insights

Track and make improvements

Easy to understand real-time analytics that let you track your results. Helping you make data-driven decisions to enhance your customer experience.

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Rest assured: With, your business practices are in line with the business processes and technical safeguards outlined by the EU's GDPR legislation.

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Our infrastructure is built on state-of-the-art technology, and we pride ourselves on the reliability of our products. Integration with means you’re in safe hands.

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Say goodbye to manual work with Due to our seamless integration process, IT departments won’t have to worry about those complicated, time-consuming details.
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