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  • Implemented in less than a day, with no maintenance
  • Makes you datadriven with advanced data insights
  • Gives you instant answers across all your data and content
  • Flexibility with many configuration options
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| Problem.

Increased customer service calls create urgent demand for more hands on deck.

Customer demand for 24/7 support and self-service keeps growing.

| The process.

Implemented Raffle to get quick and accurate resolutions via web search.

Also, they wanted to accommodate customer needs for 24/7 self-service.

| Impact.

Reduced live chats by 42% from day one
Reduced incoming calls by 17% from day one

Successfully used Raffle in digitalisation of customer service.

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Made for Website Visitors

Raffle Web Search

Easily integrate Raffle Web Search into your existing browser on your site to make it easier for customers to find accurate information at the click of a button. Due to raffles AI-powered software the program learns with your consumer base collecting the trending questions that auto-populate in the search bar for customers to easily click on. Otherwise, they can type in their own words their inquiries and be directed to valid and accurate solutions.


Made for your Customers

Raffle In App

Customers are constantly on the move, so reach them from anywhere with Raffle In App. By integrating Raffle In App into your mobile application you can easily assist and reach customers, wherever they may be, increasing the customer service experience and decreasing frustrations.

Made for your Employees 

Raffle Employee Search 

Raffle Employee Search allows employees to easily search across the knowledge base for accurate information to inquiries through simple integration into the current system. This reduces employee frustrations, decreasing on-boarding time, reduces time waste, provides accurate solutions, and provides you analytics on content needed to answer knowledge gaps.


Made for your Customer Service Agents

Raffle Interactive

Decrease the time spent answering customer emails and chats, through Raffle Interactive. Accurate Solutions will be automatically sent to customers allowing for 24/7 and on demand service. Customer service employees will see a decline in time spent answering inquiries, while customers will be swiftly serviced increasing satisfaction.

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Raffle is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. We are on a mission to make Enterprise Search intelligent and meaningful.

Among our investors are the USA-based K1 Investment management, the VF Ventures and PreSEED Ventures.

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About Raffle

Raffle is providing Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).

In 2017, CEO Suzanne Lauritzen recognized how hard it is to find information in companies' massive knowledge bases. She teamed up with AI Professor Ole Winther to create an AI engine that finds what people are looking for instantly, using the latest technological developments in natural language processing.

Since then the Raffle AI engine has been transformed into search products suited to different purposes and industries but all with a focus on enterprise search.

Today, numerous companies across several countries have accelerated their digitalization, employee efficiency, and customer experience with raffle.

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Why Raffle?


Cut 25% of support calls

Eliminate 25% of calls, emails and live chats from online visitors and customers with raffle site search.


Cut 96% of search time

Let AI guide your users to the right answers and eliminate tags and indexing right away.


120% faster onboarding

This is the end of long intros and boring information sheets. Use raffle to find the information you need!


Available and reliable

75% of users expect the same response time evenings and weekends as on normal weekdays.

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