Understanding: The key to Danish life... and business

As you walk (or more likely cycle) through Copenhagen, you will be confronted with this bright red sign which lies a stone's throw from our offices.

It’s not just an eye-catching piece of public art, but it also got me thinking about our little country in the north, and why it’s a unique place to live and to do business.

From Viking to Biking

Historically, Denmark is probably best known for its rampaging and raging Vikings.

Our ancestors took the fight to other lands, and stole what treasures they could while they were there — not very understanding!

But over time, and after several wars with the other Nordic nations, we grew into a different kind of country.

From the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard to children’s author Hans Christian Andersen, the ideas coming from our country became a little more civilized. 

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and we’re known as a progressive country, leading the way in green innovations, quality of life and cycling opportunities!

Modern Denmark: Built on understanding

Today, Denmark is a nation that understands the value of education and the importance of innovation.

The Danish culture of collaboration, trust and community combines to create a unique atmosphere, particularly in our capital city, Copenhagen.

Add to this an outstanding IT infrastructure, as well as a highly skilled workforce, and you have the perfect setting for a tech company. A Danish company with an international outlook

It’s for these reasons that could only have been fostered in Denmark.

Created with expertise from Danish universities, alongside talent from around the world, raffle produces state-of-the-art AI tools that help you understand your customers and employees. They also allow your customers and employees to better understand your organization.

Many companies could benefit from a greater understanding of those they work with, and those who work for them. is there to help you do that.

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