Boost employee engagement 

Imagine what Next-Gen AI will do for your employees when they can find the answers they're looking for without having to ask colleagues.

raffle Corporate delivers effortless access to internal knowledge bases across intranets, drives, wikis and email/chat- based systems.

Search in one place, get answers from everywhere.

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Shortcut to knowledge, driving success


Use Next-Gen AI to answer your employees quickly and accurately. Reduce the frustration employees face trying to find information and knowledge internally and end the stacks of emails, chats and calls to HR, Facilities and other departments. 


Internal support, 24/7 

raffle Corporate never sleeps. Offer fast access to information and eliminate frustrations. Empower your employees to get answers at any time of the day or night, without having to wait for colleagues.



Fast track to employee happiness 

Responsive employee support stimulates engagement and motivation. Our technology optimizes access to existing information, so employees have the right knowledge always at hand. Now they can concentrate on their core tasks. 



Focus on requests where the human touch makes a difference 

By offering a tool to access knowledge fast, you'll have more time to engage in requests where your presence truly will make a difference.


Next-Gen AI understands your employees without supervision

The algorithms raffle uses to make its model are continuously trained on billions of dialogues, conversations and searches from all over the world. raffle truly understands your employees' requests, without having to use specific wordings, terms and grammar.



raffle Analytics for insights and actionable data

Get an overview of all areas that your employees find important. raffle Analytics gives you insights on trending information as well as any knowledge gaps the information that isn't there but should be.



Report usage and engagement

Get data-driven reports and use our intuitive real-time analytics to drive engagement.



Knowledge based optimization

Improve content that doesn't perform as intended and develop new content based on what your employees are looking for.


Next-Gen AI deployed fast and securely

Our technology is built to empower your business. raffle supports the platforms you prefer, whether on web, apps or knowledge bases. 



Go live within weeks, not years

raffle's technology is up and running within 3 weeks and delivers immediate ROI.



Integrates with your existing solutions

From 365 to Salesforce and Google, we integrate with your corporate systems through our raffle API.



Self improving technology

No need to spend your time on maintenance. Our tools are constantly relearning, improving an already unbelievable accuracy.



Tools built to scale with your business

Easily scalable with 99+ languages and built on a secure cloud IT infrastructure allowing full flexibility, mobility, and empowering remote work capabilities.



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Robust cloud infrastructure  

Built on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, ensuring reliable uptimes. We pride ourselves on our stable customer experience. 


GDPR approved and compliant 

With raffle, your business practices are in line with the processes and safeguards outlined by the EU's GDPR legislation.


Self-improving, no maintenance required

Our AI learns from your agents and customers and gets more intelligent over time, with a model trained on your historical conversations.

How we drive transformation

raffle is all about utilizing the huge potential in Next-Gen AI as an effortless groundbreaking technology, making searches across any ambitious organization easier and more cost effective.

Optimize your organization with AI-powered search today

We know you're here because you care about your employees and your business.

We're here to empower you with effortless powerful Next-Gen AI tools. 

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