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Bring intelligent automation to your business processes with AI.

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AI first

AI automation for your business.


Self-improving technology

No need to waste your time on maintenance. Our tools are constantly relearning, improving their already unbelievable accuracy.


Built to scale with your business

Easily scalable with 99+ languages and built on cloud IT infrastructure allowing full flexibility, mobility, and empowering remote work capabilities.


AI understands your users from day one

Our search engine understands all requests from day one, even questions with incorrect wording and phrasing.

raffle search

AI-powered free text search for your business

AI-powered free text search

Automated training and relearning

raffle maintains itself simply through use. raffle relearns every single day based on your users' behavior and questions.

Sit back and watch the magic unfold in front of you.

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Automated training and relearning

We make your search awesome.


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raffle Web Search
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raffle In App
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