Connect employees to
company knowledge
With the power of AI.


By making knowledge accessible and useful is transforming the workplace just like Google and Yahoo
transformed the internet. Using raffle, employees become smarter and more productive.


20% of a work day is wasted on searching for internal data


decisions are made too slowly because employees can’t keep track of large amounts of data

Employees need an easy way to access information.

And that way is raffle.

raffle Assistant answers HR and IT questions

raffle extracts and processes information available across your systems.

raffle accesses specific information within documents so you don’t need to open and dig for pieces of information within pages and pages of text. All you need to do is ask, and raffle will provide an instant answer: company policies, clients, contracts, emails, finances. You name it.

raffle for Tools and Apps helps you find correct email

You can ask raffle questions using natural language.

raffle utilizes the latest AI models based on deep learning, understanding, and transfer learning. Your employees communicate with raffle as they would with any other human. No keywords or code. Just natural language. With raffle your employees will never waste time searching for information. Instead, they can focus on what they are best at. Their job. And not only that, raffle speaks over 90 languages. This means that you can ask raffle a question in Spanish and get a reply in English with no meaning lost. You can read more about the technology behind raffle HERE.

raffle Dashboard lets you track KPIs and performance

Monitor activity in the management interface.

The management interface allows for modifications of raffle functionality. You can see how your employees are interacting with raffle and get a quantitative understanding of your business processes. You can also add more applications to your raffle portfolio, connecting more systems and more knowledge.

with raffle you...

Boost Growth

Boost growth

Employees can focus on more complex tasks and value adding activities, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Save Money

Save money

Free up 20% of your employees working time.

Strengthen your core business

Strengthen your core business

Create a lean and clean business operation that allows easy and quick access to knowledge.

Get Data Transparency

Get data transparency

Ensure that employees find key information at an instant, and do their work right.

Make better decisions

Make better decisions

Achieve better outcomes by connecting your employees with all the information they need to make a good decision.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction

Get a happier workforce, that is not frustrated with having to search a sea of documents.


How do we achieve these results?