Make day-to-day operations more enjoyable with raffle for Tools and Apps.


raffle APIs connect into your company’s tools and applications and source that knowledge into once place. From there your employees can access their data, not having to remember where they were communicating or working.

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raffle seamlessly links into your applications and tools via a standard API and assists your employees by giving them
quick answers to their questions. Queries are translated from text into a structured format that is used to answer anything
from finding a specific email to statistics about your website traffic or information about your sales funnel. There is no limit
to the amount of applications you can connect via APIs.

raffle for Tools and Apps: Outlook

Unlock all your employee’s potential by giving them a shortcut to knowledge.

Considering all the tools and apps your employees use, data is bound to get lost. Remembering specific client conversations or certain email correspondences has proven to be a difficult task. Consequently, increasingly frustrated employees waste time searching across different systems instead of adding value to the company. With raffle your employees will become smarter in doing their work, because they won’t have to waste time looking for information and expertise.

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Benefits of raffle


Increased employee satisfaction


Increased productivity


Quicker decisionmaking


Let's see what raffle can do for you!

We want to know how big of a difference raffle can make for your organization by helping your employees easily access all the data and information they need to be better and smarter at work.

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