Empower your customer service employees with raffle for Customer Service.



By assisting your customer service agents raffle helps you deliver the customer service experience that will increase both customer and employee satisfaction, while reducing business costs.

raffle for Customer Service information flow.

raffle seamlessly links into your CRM systems via a standard API and assists agents by suggesting answers
and automatically populating them in your ticketing services. The state of the art deep learning models are initially
trained on your company's historical service data. Once raffle is live, it self-learns from your customer
service agent’s behaviour and continuously improves performance.

raffle for Customer Service

Customers don’t want to wait for replies or be continuously transferred between different agents.

raffle plugs into your current customer service chat applications and assists your customer service agents in delivering fast and accurate replies. Customer service agents won’t need to look up any information, because raffle understands the questions your customers are asking and finds the correct information in your company knowledge base.


Benefits of raffle


Reduced average handling time by streamlining agent knowledge


Increased NPS and customer retention rates


Improved employee & customer satisfaction


Let's see what raffle can do for you!

We want to know how big of a difference raffle can make for your organization by improving your customer interactions and the quality of work for your customer service agents.

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raffle for Customer Service