Increase transparency and access to knowledge databases with raffle Assistant.


raffle APIs connect into your company’s drives, intranets and knowledge management systems and sources knowledge into once place. From there your employees can access their data, not having to remember where it is stored or what it is called.

raffle Assistant information flow

raffle seamlessly links into your company knowledge databases with standard APIs and assists your employees by giving them
quick answers to their questions. Queries are understood thanks to deep learning and understanding, so no question is left unanswered. raffle can assist with finding a specific section in a document, locating a file across drives, answer HR and IT questions and assist with on-boarding.

raffle Assistant for HR and IT

Make sure your employees have the information they need, when they need it.

As data is growing exponentially, employees need a way to access the documents scattered across company drives and across the intranet.They are wasting time not only looking for information and documents, but also repeating the work that someone already completed. In order to make deliberate decisions, employees need fast access to crucial information. They need raffle.


Benefits of raffle

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Unified global workforce


Better and faster decisions


Overview of information across the whole business


Let's see what raffle can do for you!

We want to know how big of a difference raffle can make for your organization by helping your employees easily access all the data and information they need to be better and smarter at work.

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