Help your online visitors

Find what they need

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Help your online visitors find what they need

67% of online visitors prefer self-service over human contact.

“raffle enables us to see what are the preferred channels for merchants and shoppers and develop a data-driven support strategy and set up our staffing around that.”

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“raffle's 24/7 service now enables 76% of customers to self-serve, which has reduced repetitive work for the support team ”

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Make your site performance awesome from day 1 with raffle Search

From day one, raffle is twice as good as the best searches you've seen so far, and it continuously gets smarter and smarter. Your online visitors will love us - and your organization will too!

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awesome site performance with raffle Search
Website or Mobile

Website or Mobile

No matter which device or platform your visitors prefer, we've got you covered.

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“Having the answers to most questions upfront means we have less repetitive work to do. ”

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Don't let knowledge gaps be a barrier to your web performance

80% of the questions that support agents receive are questions that could have been answered through your website. Just think about what a difference a great search can make for your online visitors. And your support agents.

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knowledge gaps

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We make your search awesome.


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