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Find what they need

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Help your employees find what they need

Employees waste more than 20% of their
work time searching for information.

"Many employees have difficulty finding the right documents when they need them most. Stop wasting their time and see how a quick, accessible search can help find important documents your employees need."


“raffle links directly into our knowledge base Humany, making sure knowledge updates are automatically registered.”

Codan 142

Immediate access to knowledge is your game changer

Reduce search time and offer your employees the best possible tool to find information fast.

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Immediate access to knowledge
One search across systems

One search across systems

Employees are tired of wasting 20% of their time searching for information and reproducing documents they can't find.

Use raffle to give your employees one search bar across systems to find what they need right away - and make them smile.

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92% of employees working remotely struggle to solve problems quickly

A search platform accessible from anywhere saves massive overhead in time and resources.

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92% of employees working
optimize and measure your search

84% of companies don't optimize or measure their search because it's too time-consuming

raffle doesn't need any human hand. Use raffle Analytics to identify knowledge gaps, understand critical issues for improvement and get an outstanding ROI from your efforts.

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We make your search awesome.


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