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Published - 26/1/2022

The Danish tech comet raises 120 million: Global expansion awaits


The Danish IT company, which is behind an ai-based search tool for the enterprise segment, has just closed an investment of 120 million kroner.


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Published - 26-1-2022 Raises €16 Million for Continued Expansion


AI-powered enterprise search engine announces Series A to advance the way the world accesses data.


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Published - 28/9/2021

Danish startup is building a search engine with BERT


Supervised learning does not scale well enough when a search engine has to review a large company's knowledge base. That is why Danish has adopted the language model BERT.


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Published - 13/9/2021

Here's the future of conversational AI


Chatbots and machine learning are two fundamentally different methods of building an AI that we can talk to. Here are the technological advances that have come with deep learning.



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Published 7/9/2021

You can do it!


Women are outnumbered, measured by who founds companies in Denmark.




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Published - 2/9/2021

Open source makes it easier to use deep learning for natural language technology


There is no doubt that open source is accelerating the proliferation of AI and that big tech is playing a big role in sharing research findings and code.



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Published - 16/8/2021

The next revolution in search technology


With Google search, the entire web is just a search string and a click away. Google's approach to question-and-answer systems is evolving rapidly, and it is to be expected that Google will also use these newer methods more and more.



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Published - 9/8/2021

Language modeling has changed NLP

Natural language technology has made great strides in recent years using what we call pre-training. It has been the deciding factor to get better quality of search results with less investment.



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Published - 23/6/2021

raffle co-founder and CEO Suzanne Lauritsen listed as one of 25 female entrepreneurs, you should know!


This is to celebrate some of the most innovative women in Denmark and turn the spotlight on the women who inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.  

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Published - 15/4/2020

Artificial intelligence search startup secures millions in investment


Read what Suzanne Lauritzen, CEO at has to say about raffle and our “search on steroids” in the news article from the Danish newspaper Børsen.

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Published - 15/4/2020 receives approaches ahead of DKK 50m Series A round in 18 months


The Series A round is not planned in detail yet but is expected to be around DKK 50m (EUR 6.5m) for a negotiable stake.

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