Plug'n'Play User Interfaces

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Plug and play User Interfaces
raffle search

Identify knowledge gaps with raffle search

Identify knowledge gaps
Inline plug and play UI


The best known standard way of showing a search is on top of a website or in an application. Show it this way if you want to follow an already set design line with a search bar on top. Like a chameleon, raffle will blend in naturally.

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Searches are often the center of an application or a website. This is especially relevant for service/support sites or internally for some of your general applications. 

If you want the search to be in front of the user, easy to see and understand, an embedded search is a great way to achieve this. And again, raffle blends in like a chameleon.

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Embedded plug and play UI
Launcher plug and play UI


If you want to launch the search on top of your site in different places (most commonly from the right or left lower hand corner). The search will then be an extra service to help your customers or employees easily find what they are looking for every time.

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Your customers are often on the go and they expect to get answers wherever they are.

With raffle on your APP you will provide your customers with a true mobile solution that is always at hand.

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App plug and play UI
Overlay plug and play UI


It is very popular to let the search function take over the whole screen to give more space to search and navigate. It’s also a great way to avoid disturbing your current design. 

raffle can simply be activated through a bottom (or multiple bottoms) on your site or in applications.

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Dedicated page

You can also have a totally separate search, thereby making it clear to your employees that they can search across multiple systems and knowledge bases. If you want to make raffle independent, it can be a good idea to have a separate site or application to search from.

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dedicated page plug and play UI
Customer service plug and play UI

Customer service

If customer service interacts with customers via email, live chat, or social media, you want raffle to come up with answers to customer queries immediately and automatically. This is what raffle for Customer Service does. It interacts with you and eventually with your customers.

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If you want to configure your own User Interface, you can connect to the raffle API and let raffle do the complicated stuff behind the scenes while you concentrate on designing your own user experience. This lets you keep your own way of doing things while still providing an exceptional search experience for your customers and employees on websites and in applications.

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