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  • Number of calls raise, but resources are the same?
  • Getting requests that could have been answered on the website?
  • Want to offer 1st line support and instant answers 24/7?

Customer Service

  • Is your average time per customer request too long?
  • Is faster onboarding critical for you? 
  • Want to support hybrid working agents better?


  • Does it take too much time to find information across platforms?
  • Do employees request access to internal knowledge bases 24/7?
  • Is faster onboarding critical for you?

It's that easy

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    Go live within weeks, not years

    raffle's technology is up and running within 3 weeks and delivers immediate ROI.
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    Integrates with your existing software

    From Zendesk to Salesforce, we integrate with all customer chat interfaces. That's a raffle guarantee.
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    Self improving technology

    No need to waste your time on maintenance. Our tools are constantly relearning, improving their already unbelievable accuracy.
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    Built to scale with your business

    Easily scalable with 99+ languages and built on cloud IT infrastructure allowing full flexibility, mobility, and empowering remote work capabilities.

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