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Humany integration to raffle

80% say it takes an average of eight searches
to find the right document.

raffle search

Make sure all knowledge is shared automatically

Share all knowledge automatically

Easy deployment

A raffle integration with your knowledge base Humany is handled by our customer success team and requires minimal involvement on your part for both deployment and maintenance.

In a matter of days, raffle will be up and running, giving your employees instant access to all crucial information. One search and they find what they need.

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“Raffle links directly into our knowledge base Humany, making sure knowledge updates are automatically registered.”

Codan 142

Choose your integration.

Hunamy integration
Genesys integration with raffle
salesforce integration with raffle
zendeskintegration with raffle
drupal integration with raffle
Umbraco integration with raffle
wordpress integration with raffle
sharepoint integration to raffle
intercom integration to raffle
epi server integration to raffle
office365 integration to raffle
confluence integration to raffle
wix integration to raffle
onedrive integration to raffle
contentful integration to raffle
cart integration to raffle
dropbox integration to raffle
magento integration to raffle

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