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Empower your customer service staff with fast, AI-driven solutions. CoPilot is your support team's best buddy who knows all the answers and saves you time.
CoPilot integrates with all well known systems

AI-augmented support

AI speed, human service

Cut repetitive tasks by 97% with innovative AI technology. CoPilot does the boring jobs so your agents have time to deliver exceptional service.

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Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Cut search time by 86%

Reduce waiting times and improve service quality with fast, accurate responses to your customers' questions.

Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Save time on training

Get your new customer service agents to work straight away. CoPilot has them covered with all the answers.

Easy implementation

Get started in 3 weeks

CoPilot plugs seamlessly into your existing customer service interface within 3 weeks and delivers immediate ROI.

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Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Accurate answers

Accurately matches customer questions with answers from your company knowledge.

Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

AI learns from your agents as they work

Becomes more intelligent over time, with a model trained on your historical conversations.

Jesper Mieritz - Knowledge Manager

With raffle we now have a tool that presents knowledge to our employees in a smart, efficient way and in the right context.”

Jesper Mieritz from Visma

Knowledge Manager
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