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raffle is data-driven about AI

Applying a data-driven approach means we use training data instead of defining rules, distinguishing ourselves from traditional chatbots.

The complete artificial intelligence in customer service glossary

Don't know machine learning from automation? Learn more about AI terms in the customer experience with our glossary.

CoPilot v2: Our AIaaS solution for customer service agents just upgraded

Discover the feature upgrades we've made on our AI as a Service (AIaaS) solution for customer service agents, CoPilot version 2.

6 things to do before you hire more customer support staff 

Hiring new customer support staff isn't always the answer. Learn six efficient and cost-effective ways to solve customer service resource issues.

The science behind the raffle-lution: How language modelling has changed NLP — and our customer service products

How do we make our AI customer support tools? What state-of-the-art technology do we use? Our CTO explains all.

Think outside the chat box: Show your customers, don't tell them

Why limit your customer support to a tiny chat box in the corner of your site? Displaying information intelligently helps you show, not tell.

What AI can and can’t (yet) do for businesses

Though AI has the ability to quickly process large amounts of data; extract patterns and learn from experience, it still has its limitations.

What is a real AI company?

AI has been around since the 1950’s, but it’s only recently that companies and investors alike are paying much attention to it. Why is it that AI is

14 powerful stats that prove the importance of self-service in the customer experience

Discover the remarkable statistics from around the web that reveal how important self-service is in the customer experience today.

Conversational AI: to chatbot or not to chatbot?

You've read about chatbots but aren't sure whether they're right for you — our AI expert discusses when chatbots can work and when they don't.