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How Freetrailer got a 20-25% reduction in support calls.

“If we didn’t have raffle tomorrow we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of customer service that we currently have”.



Country Manager for Denmark and Customer Relations responsible, Freetrailer
Thomas Munksgaard

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How Krifa rocket-fueled their online member service with Next-Gen Enterprise Search!

Offering the absolute best possible service to our members online is of great importance to us and we know that it is of great importance for them to be able to get an instant reply without having to enter into a dialogue.
After trying to optimize a normal chatbot for over a year, raffle contacted us and said they could deploy a search solution for our members providing them with instant answers 24/7. All of this with no manual work for us and just within a few weeks.
As I needed to change the path from the more manual-built chatbot, we decided to jump on the AI train with raffle. They kept their promise of delivering instant accurate answers to our members 24/7, and more so.
raffle Analytics and the insights given show the needs and expectations of our online visitors. Furthermore, we have easy access to adjusting information to meet self-service expectations.
As we’re hosting nearly 1000 subpages, the ability to present relevant content instantly to our visitors is of great importance.”
Krifa is one of the leading Danish unions with over 190.000 members

Digital Consultant, Krifa 
Benjamin Damsgaard


How EatMyBill help their customers with technology, 24/7

Learn how the team at EatMyBill decided to supercharge their customer service with Next-Gen AI technology, and how it’s helping their business.

Situation: Customers demanded a seamless experience on the website and app and wanted fast accurate answers. An additional requirement was a fast implementation time with low IT complexity.

Solution: Implemented raffle Web on website and app so customers can get answers themselves. Deployed and launched within a few weeks.

Impact: 69% of customers self-serve and 60% of answers were given a "thumbs up". Enabled customers with 24/7 customer service and it reduced repetitive work for the customer support team.

Visma 142

How Visma e-conomic harnessed AI for customer service with a human touch

Find out how Visma e-conomic used raffle Customer Service AI technology to dramatically improve their customer service speed and quality.

Situation: Visma e-conomic was losing time on a daily operational basis, leading to an increased waiting time for customers.

Solution: Visma e-conomic selected raffle Customer Service and quickly adopted it within their customer service processes.

Impact: After starting to use raffle Customer Service, Visma e-conomic experienced a 56% reduction in search time.


How Coop delivers for its customers using AI

Learn how Coop, a large retail organization in Denmark, augmented their customer service offering with artificial intelligence (AI).

Situation: Coop needed to maintain customer satisfaction at scale, without constantly hiring new staff.

Solution: Coop implemented raffle Web on Coop Shopping and their Members' section

Impact: Coop experienced a phenomenal self-serve rate and more time for customer support agents to do their job


How ViaBill empower their customers to self serve

Discover how leading online payments specialists ViaBill empowered their customers and reduced waiting times using our raffle Web AI solution.

Situation: ViaBill wanted to give their customer support team the time to respond to more complex and urgent customer queries.

Solution: ViaBill put raffle Web on their website to help their customers self-serve for simple to medium-complex questions.

Impact: 49% of customers self-served using raffle Web, allowing ViaBill to deliver a better quality of service.

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