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some of the raffle search success stories

Situation: 24-hour access to help is essential because problems don’t just happen during daylight hours. The customer needs immediate help to resolve the issue so they can get on with their move.

Solution: raffle gives customers a self-service solution with instant access to correct answers on the go, any time.

“A 20-25% reduction in phone calls to customer support ”

freetrailer case study

“ A phenomenal self-serve rate ”

Coop case study

Situation: Coop needed to maintain customer satisfaction at scale without constantly hiring new staff.

Solution: Coop implemented raffle Web on Coop Shopping and in their Members section.

Situation: Visma e-conomic was losing time on a daily operational basis, leading to increased waiting times for customers.

Solution: Visma e-conomic selected raffle Customer Service and quickly adopted it within their customer service processes.

“ A 94% reduction in search time. ”

Visma case study

“ 76% of customers self-serve ”

EatMyBill case study

Situation: Customers demanded a seamless experience on the website and app and wanted fast, accurate answers. An additional requirement was a fast implementation time with low IT complexity.

Solution: Implemented raffle Web on website and app so customers can get answers themselves. Deployed and launched within a few weeks.

Situation: ViaBill wanted to give their customer support team the time to respond to more complex and urgent customer queries.

Solution: ViaBill put raffle on their website to help their customers self-serve for simple to medium-complex questions.

“ 49% don't need to contact customer service ”

Viabill case study

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