EatMyBill supercharged their customer service

Discover how the team at EatMyBill decided to supercharge their customer service with next-gen AI technology, and how it’s helping their business.


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Customers demanded quick, accurate answers on the website and app. Required a fast implementation time.


Implemented raffle on website and app. The tool was successfully deployed within a few weeks.


raffle's 24/7 service enables 69% of customers to self-serve and has reduced repetitive work for the support team.

Modern technology requires modern customer service

Modern technology requires modern customer service

Innovation is a watchword for the team at EatMyBill. With a team of serial entrepreneurs, tech developers, and investors who brought the world apps such asGoMoreSpiir and Endomondo, finding ways to make people’s lives easier using technology is a major priority.

EatMyBill is a clever service that helps people scan their parking fines, speeding tickets, and bills quickly and easily. All they have to do is either pay right away or split them into chunks that fit their budget. It’s simple but incredibly useful.

In this case study, you’ll learn how the team at EatMyBill decided to supercharge their customer service with next-gen AI technology and how it’s helping their business.


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Importance of seamless implementation

The desire to help people with technology is only possible if you have a customer service operation that can also do this. That’s why they opted to find an AI tool to help them give great customer service.

CEO and cofounder Allan Søndergaard Darre told us:

“It is very important for us that we give our customers a seamless experience on the web and on our native app. So we reviewed different vendors of AI customer support tools.”

“Many of them didn’t meet our expectations because of the work required to implement them, or they simply wouldn’t get the results we wanted.”


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“It's very important to give customers a seamless experience”

“It surprised us how easy it was to get it launched.”

raffle at your service

“That’s when we spoke to After excellent discussions and being shown impressive metrics from other clients, we were sold!”

From there, they agreed that raffle would be an elegant solution to their challenge and signed up with

It’s running on their website and native app, helping their customers get answers to their questions quickly and easily.

It allows them to serve themselves for simple and medium-complex questions that they would otherwise have to answer through email, in a live chat, or over the phone.

“It surprised us how easy it was to get it launched. After just a few weeks, raffle Web was up and running at full speed, and with no work from our side!” noted Allan. 


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Impressive impact

Since going live, it’s had a big impact on their business.

“raffle already takes so much work away from our customer service team, allowing us to concentrate on resolving the more time-consuming issues they might have,” says August Sønderskov, COO at EatMyBill.

“It was so easy to integrate raffle with our current technology, and raffle helped us every step of the way to make sure all our data was correct. Basically, it felt like we did nothing, and they did it all.”

They are now seeing 76% of the questions that come through the website and the app being resolved by raffle. The remaining total was directed to customer support.

60% of customers also actively gave the answers a “thumbs up,” indicating they were happy with the answers given.


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“raffle takes away so much work from our customer service”


‍Now providing a 24/7 service

It’s also a 24/7 service, allowing EatMyBill to answer the majority of customer questions whenever it’s being used.

“That’s really important,” states Allan Søndergaard Darre. “We want to always be available to our customers and make them feel we will always be ready to help them.”

Overall, he expects that the state-of-the-art AI technology will boost customer service employees' motivation and happiness:

“Having the answers to most questions up front means they have less repetitive work to do.

“Plus, thanks to the analytics dashboard, we’re getting up-to-date data on our customers and what they’re looking for on the website and app.”

That’s a huge help for a company that plans to expand beyond Denmark and into the rest of Scandinavia soon.


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