Coop used raffle to augment their customer service

Learn how a large retail organization used raffle to augment their customer service.

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Coop case


  • Challenge to maintain customer satisfaction at scale

  • Hiring more and more staff to meet demand

  • Chatbots were too much work


  • Implemented raffle Web on Coop Shopping and Members' section

  • Generates own answers and re-learns

  • 24/7 service


  • Phenomenal self-serve rate

  • 60% of answers given "thumbs up"

  • More time for the support team to answer more complex questions

Efficiency challenges

Having a high amount of customers means that Coop receives a high amount of customer requests. This, in turn, puts pressure on their customer service team to resolve their requests speedily and effectively.

And when your customer service team is under more pressure, your first instinct is to give them more help. Traditionally, this means recruiting more people.

Palle Esbensen, Head of eLogitistics and Development at Coop, spoke about raffle at the ComputerWorld conference:

“We were hiring more and more people in customer support. They came in every day from the customer center and said we needed to bring in more agents.”

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“ A system that didn’t require a large amount of effort from us ”

Time-consuming chatbot technologies

And so Coop looked into ways they could automate their customer service processes where possible. Palle Esbensen explains:

“We decided to invest time and money into new technology. One of the things that was important was finding a system that didn’t require a large amount of effort from us.”

It turned out that finding such a system was not as simple as he had hoped. He spoke to many different chatbot vendors and discovered just how much work was involved:

“Many of those we had a dialogue with needed an insane amount of time from us to define questions and answers, answer trees, and how we should build it.”

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raffle: Problem solved

"After many conversations with different vendors, we found out about What sets apart from many of the others is the way they have built algorithms that more or less run themselves. It generates its own answers to questions that a robot couldn’t answer.”

Coop added raffle to the Shopping section of their website as well as the Members' area. Because it is a 24/7 service, it answers customer questions as they come in. Instead of creating long and laborious chatbot-style conversations, it simply delivers the answers quickly, giving three options.

The results speak for themselves. Let’s take the Coop Shopping channel as an example:

Over the last 90 days, the tool has solved 65% of all questions — that’s a phenomenal self-serve rate compared to the industry standard.

The remaining 35% were routed to their customer service team, either via a contact form or phone.

In 38% of customer requests, customers actively opted to give the answer from raffle Web a thumbs up — positive feedback for the answer given.

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“ 65% of all questions
were solved with raffle ”

“ raffle has changed the way we work ”

Better service, greater data, stronger ROI

Emil Kolind, Project Manager at, told us:
“raffle has changed the way we work. Now we allow our customers to get answers to their questions in a convenient way on our website. Plus, the quality of our service has improved. Now we have more time to answer more complex questions.”

And the benefits don’t end there:
“We also receive comprehensive data from raffle Analytics on what our customers are asking and where we need to improve our customer-facing knowledge to improve their experience.”

It’s helped their bottom line too. Initial estimates from when they first adopted the technology found that, based on just a 20% reduction in simple questions coming through to customer service, they would save more than 120,000 DKK a month. With a greater reduction in calls, the savings are even higher.

What’s more, that figure is just for Coop Shopping, showing the huge potential for the technology across the organization as a whole.

For Coop, adopting a simple yet powerful AI solution has changed their perspective on customer support. They no longer have to keep hiring more agents, but instead have found a way to achieve customer satisfaction using technology.

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