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Help your customers find the answers to their questions with our powerful AI tool. AutoPilot provides first line support on your website, with an easy handoff to agents for more complex cases.

Customer success

1st line support, 24/7

Allow your customers to find answers to their questions on your website quickly and easily. AutoPilot significantly reduces the number of chats and calls to your support team.

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Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Keep things moving

Make sure customers aren’t left hanging wondering how to solve a certain problem.

Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Empower customers to help themselves

In most cases, customer issues can be solved by them being pointed in the right direction. You have the knowledge — let AutoPilot do the rest.

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Customer success

Complex case? Hand it to a human.

Make your customer experience exceptional by seamlessly handing off key customer requests to agents.

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Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Support your customers in their native language

Choose a single customer service solution across all markets. AutoPilot can handle multiple conversations in over 99 languages

Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Smarter and less complicated than a chatbot

Because our algorithm is trained on billions of conversations, AutoPilot understands the majority of customer queries.

Customer success

Up and running without the hassle

Go live with AI within days, not months. AutoPilot integrates easily into your existing CRM, training on historical data and intelligently matching customer queries to your company's FAQs, wikis, documents, and specifications — without manual supervision

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Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

No technical skills required

When implementing a raffle product we make it easy to get up and running without including your whole IT department.

Raffle AutoPilot - Keeps things moving

Reduced training overhead

Working with AI usually requires members of your team to sit and train thousands of rows of data sets. With AutoPilot you import your data and let it handle the rest.

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