Insights and reports.


Interest areas

Understand which areas are causing the most questions right now.


Knowledge gaps

Identify the areas where no content delivers the answer your visitors are searching for.

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Rush hours

Follow your traffic and understand when and why visitors spend time visiting your website.

efficiency rate

raffle Value Index

Display how great your website performs and report the ROI to your organization.

raffle search

Get actionable customer insights

Actionable customer insights

Interest Areas

What do your customers truly care about? Why do they visit you online? Which questions are your support agents answering most frequently? What topics are causing most searches?

Get the insights and reports you need to gain understanding.

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Find your interest areas
Find your knowledge gaps

Knowledge gaps

Why do some online visitors call you after spending just a few seconds on your website? Where are employees missing information in their daily operations? Identify where vital information is missing. Add content that promotes self-service and see how it changes your customers' behavior immediately.

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Rush hours

When do most online visitors and employees ask questions? How is the site performing? Display how raffle finds answers for online visitors and your organization 24/7/365.

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Rush hours for your customer
the raffle value index

raffle Value Index

Documented value is exactly what you get! 

Get insights on released time and savings.

Finding the right answers fast saves your employees, customers and online visitors hours and multiple frustrating clicks.

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